Software For Designers

Are you an designer looking for an easier, more efficient way to create kitchen or bathroom plans. Or, maybe your a cabinet manufacturer who would like to spend a little less time drawing out designs and more time building? With new improved kitchen and bath design software, you can have exactly what you want.

You now have the ability to create 3D scenes in real time along with viewing photo-realistic images of your projects. Simply create a virtual space and customize it to your customers requirements, including fixtures, appliances, countertops, cabinetry, wallcoverings, and flooring. Choose cabinets and appliances from a vast library of Kitchen and Bath Manufacturer Catalogs.

Dealer Support

  • Catalog Management System

    Manufacturers and dealers can take advantage of the software's catalog management system that allows them to manage product features and pricing in a more efficient way. They can also make quick and easy changes to their personal catalog inventory and send them to their dealers instantly. The catalog creation tool is completely customizable.

  • Software Support

    Software support is available through in depth video tutorials, a FAQ page, and through the support center where you can speak with a technical support professional. One-on-one training, online webinars and custom training sessions are availavle for those who would like more training on how to use the software programs.

  • The Future Is Now

    Take your business into the future with virtual 3D design software, custom manufacturer catalogs, and virtual customer showrooms that are sure to impress your clients and increase your sales. The bedroom, closet, bathroom, and kitchen design software programs are available today with a free trial period from Prokitchen.